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Crane Hire and Contract Lifting covering East Anglia at Roy Humphrey Crane Hire

CPA Terms and Conditions Important Information

Client Responsibilities for CPA Crane Hire

Important client information

Provide comprehensive and accurate details of weight and dimensions of all items to be lifted.

Provide safe access and removal of traffic management on site for the crane, support vehicles and personnel.

Co­ordinate site activities of other contractors to facilitate unimpeded access to crane location and during the works.

Ensure level ground suitable for the crane to travel to and from the working locations.

Ensure a clear level hard standing area for the cranes nominated and capable of withstanding the outrigger loads quoted in this document.

If it is necessary that the works be carried out during, or close to, the hours of darkness, then the Client is to provide suitable lighting in agreement with the Crane Supervisor.

Provide a Site Specific Safety Induction for all Crowland Crane Employees involved in the operation. This induction to include emergency warning and Evacuation Procedures.

Provide an assessment of the site in accordance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1999 (COSHH). Any substances or conditions hazardous to health must be identified in time for suitable precautions to be arranged.

Provide welfare facilities.

Provide adequate lifting points on each section to be lifted and provide adequate tailing points if required.

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